Pulham Young Voices

On behalf of myself, all 19 children from pulham young voices, all the parents and of course isaac can we all just say the biggest thank you for yesterdays concert. We were all blown away – and we thought Wembley was good. The comments both from people we knew and complete strangers was truly inspiring.…

New V8 Members

We are pleased to announce that No 8 in V8 has now been selected from everyone that auditioned. Rebecca Hallam  is now officially a V8 Member. Sadly we will also be saying goodbye to Charli at the end of this year. Charli is emigrating to Singapore and I am sure every joins us in wishing…

Tree Brings Down Phone Lines

What a great start to the day…A tree has come down in the wind, taking our phone lines with it…if you wish to call the office, use our office mobile 07788 886093…hopefully (according to BT) normal service will be resumed as soon as possible !…30 years ago we could land a man on the moon…

VIAM busy as normal!

Birmingham rehearsals on Sunday were fanatastic! Judging Diamond Kids on Sunday in Glasgow First News

Birmingham LG 16th Oct Buy You Tickets now

Wembley Auditions coming up Oct 28th Surrey

Everyone should read this…and share it

When Maya Thompson’s 3-year-old son Ronan was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma in August 2010, she started a blog to document an unimaginably difficult family journey. She had no idea that one of her loyal readers was going to be superstar Taylor Swift — and that Swift would one day turn the words on that blog, Rockstar Ronan, into song lyrics.

V8 Recording Session – Day One

Members of V8, the core vocal group and the ‘engine room’ behind the Voice in a Million Choir visited the VIAM Studios today. Check out some of the photographs from today’s recording session by visiting the Official V8 Facebook page: www.facebook.com/V8Official As many of you lovely readers know, the Choir have a number of high…

Why we have a Fee for Auditions

Many have asked why we charge a fee to audition. The fact is that we don’t charge to audition, we charge to become a member of this site and to have access to download all of the tracks and lyrics. Every time one of those tracks is downloaded, we have to pay copyright to the songwriter or copyright owner.