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Once we receive your form, our team will contact you with details of how to login and download your rehearsal materials and documentsOur Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy with details on how we use and store your data, can be found in the footer bar below


Educational School Registration Form

We are now open for registering for VIAM on the 23rd March 2022

Please complete the form, selecting your chosen event in the drop down. and send back to us using the ‘SUBMIT’ link at the bottom.

Once your school has registered, you will be sent login details for our secure ‘School Portal’. This will give you access to all that you need for your school to take part. Use TEACHER LOGIN in the main menu bar

How Much Does it Cost ?
Admission to the event for Choirs is Free
There is a £100.00 (plus vat) charge for the school which includes access to all rehearsal materials and online workshops. (if you were a school registered for VIAM2020, this charge is waived)
Prior to the event for those that wish to purchase, Pupils, Teachers and chaperones can purchase a Voice in a Million event T Shirt , (Teachers can wear a White T shirt of their own if they prefer). These are £12.99 each and we can invoice the school for those, or they can be purchased individually in our store. (Schools that have previously purchased  T Shirts for VIAM2020 can use those if they prefer).

Many schools that don’t have choirs also participate with their pupils for a fun and educational experience.

A minimum of 10 participants is the requirement for a group taking part.

A member of VIAM staff will respond by email to confirm your booking and the details you have confirmed below.

Upon registering an invoice is raised for the  £100.00 plus VAT for the registration and access
This secures your group’s place. Please provide an estimate of how many pupils you wish to bring.

We require confirmation of your total group’s number ; and each choir member needs to register in each school’s group membership on the VIAM Workshops in VIAMTV

Please ensure you understand our terms before registering, If in doubt please call the office, or complete a ‘General Enquiry’ form using the link below.