How Much Does it Cost to Join VIAM?

To Join as a VIAM Choir Member on this website costs £12 a year ($12 US) or £1.99 monthly ($1.99 US) Anyone taking part in one of our events, membership to the website is FREE

Taking part in one of our events is FREE, the only cost is the cost of the event T Shirt. These are ordered by the parent or the school, online by clicking HERE, or by calling our office.

What is the cost for schools or Teachers ?

Teachers can register on this website FREE of charge if they want to use or include the VIAM repertoire in the choir practice.

If the school is registered to take part in one of our events, there is also no charge for teachers or chaperones, however teachers and chaperones are required to wear a white T Shirt if taking part in one of the arena shows, or they can purchase one of our event T Shirts.

How Do we Join the choir ?

You can register on this site, to Join as a Teacher or a VIAM Choir Member.

If you want to Join one of our events, click Join the Choir and select whether you are a school, a group or an individual. Then register your details on the form and press send.

Do we / I have to be registered members of this site, to take part in one of the events ?

No, Any school, group or individual can take part in one of our events.

How Do I Order the Event T-Shirt?

Individuals can order their event T-Shirt simply by clicking HERE. The T-Shirt will be supplied to on the day of the event.  Just make sure you use the drop down menu to select the School or Group you are performing with.

What Sizes are the T-Shirts?

Children Sizes:

Sizes                            3-4         5-6        7-8       9-11     12-13     14-15
Chest To Fit ”              22-24    26-28    30         32        34           36
Actual Chest (cm)       76          81          86         92        97          102
Actual Length (cm)      45          50          55         60        65          70

Adult Sizes:

Sizes              S            M           L             XL          XXL       XXXL
To Fit”            35-37    38-40    41-43    44-46    47-49    50-52

Do Teachers and Chaperones perform with the choir ?

On our arena shows, the teachers and chaperones sit in with their group; and are required to participate. On our regional shows, we don’t seat the teachers and chaperones with the choir, but they are seated in audience seating with easy access to the stage positions of their group. In the case of special requirements for care, or special needs, we will accommodate wherever possible. Just let us know in advance, what is needed.

How Do We Get To Sing a Solo?

We run regular auditions, these can be found on ‘Solo Auditions‘  register and you will be emailed with full details of when and where to attend.

How Do We Buy Tickets to watch one of the events ?

Tickets to all of our events can be purchased by clicking the above link “Box Office

We sell Tickets to our Arena Shows, direct from our own site…all tickets for regional theatre shows are available from the venue box office only. Details of these can be found on this site, under Box Office, then follow the links for each venue.

We do offer discounts on tickets from time to time; and details of these discounts, when they become available, can be found in our Box Office details.

Can we take photographs at the events ?

Yes, photography is allowed, but we do not allow professional equipment, tripods, long lenses etc

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