Duration of workshops is  2 hours. We run workshops in May, June and July; and in September, October and November. Workshop days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays .

Each workshop starts with a 15 minute introduction to VIAM; and our underlying ethos, explaining what it means to be an adopted, looked after child or a child in care. (You can find out more about our mission in ‘About Us’ )

This is followed by a musical workshop teaching your group a choice of our current songbook; and giving those children that feel more confident, a chance to experience microphone and performance technique.

For those schools taking part in one of our arena events, we use this opportunity to audition your group to be one of our featured school groups on stage. (each event we choose around 15 schools to be on stage…and on occasions we also choose one or two schools to have their own featured song.

We offer workshops to all schools in the UK.


Whether your school is registered to take part in one of our events or not, our VIAM workshops have become extremely popular.

The workshops are run, depending on location of school by either our Creative Director Jo Garofalo, or our assistant Creative Director.

Cost of workshop is £6 per child, with a minimum of 50 children taking part in the workshop.

(In addition to above, there is a minimal mileage charge). We supply PA and full microphone package. Set up takes around 15 minutes