We actively encourage Parents of all our participants to get involved.

When your school or group has registered to participate in one of our events, we send the school or group a pack which includes a letter for each of the parents with children taking part. Your child should bring this home from school in order for you as the parent or guardian to register for all the details you will need.

This includes;

Our Health & Safety Policy
The Event Timetable / programme for the day
The Event details and requirements for your child
Ticket and Audience details
Our Child Protection Policy
A Plan of the Venue, marking collection and drop off points
Emergency Contact Numbers

If your child is taking part in one of our future events and you haven’t yet received your letter or participants pack, please email
team@voiceinamillion.com or call us on 01932 859667
Stating the child’s name, the event venue, the group or school registered; and we will send a pack by return.

Alternatively you can print the relevant documents from this website


You will need to be logged in a a PARENT MEMBER.  (if you are not yet Registered on the site as a PARENT MEMBER  you can Join here

Access all Rehearsal Materials

If you are logged in as a Parent Member, you can access all the rehearsal materials your child will need to practice for the event