We actively encourage Parents of all our participants to get involved. Particulary in encouraging your child to rehearse at home

When your child’s school or group has registered to participate in one of our events, we send the school or group a ‘group’ membership to our resource site at www.viamtv.com.

The school will send you an invite to register your child in the group.

This gives the member access to our new site, which not only has everything your child will need to take part, but also access to all our weekly shows. A favourite is The Mikey Cobban Show, where Mikey from the boyband ‘Roadtrip’ prents a weekly show on everything Voice in a Million.

There are a series of guides in Taking Part, Weekly reherasal sessions with our Creative Dirctor Jo Garofalo in the ‘Choir Sessions’ and much more.

You also get access to all of our other weekly shows, suitable for the entire family, on a range of subjects and topics.

If your child is taking part in one of our future events and you haven’t yet received your letter or participants pack, please email
team@voiceinamillion.com or call us on 01932 859667
Stating the child’s name, the event venue, the group or school registered;